Oracle Apex Certification Course

Oracle Application Express (APEX) certification course


Oracle Application Express (Apex)  is a user-friendly web based application development process which is used to make database application driven applications. It is a low-coded application development platform where you can create an application quickly using only a web browser. Apex applications hold some main benefits like secure, scalable and maintainable. Apex makes applications responsive and can be accessed from any device.

About Course

Oracle provides a training program for those who want to learn about Oracle Application Express (Apex). This course covers some topics such as PL/SQL. database design, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. However, certificates can only be provided when you attempt an examination. When you complete the full course one by one then you are eligible for the exam.

Full Course Overview

Oracle development Process — 13h 7m

Oracle APEX Developer Professional Hands-on-lab — 5m

Prepare for Oracle APEX Cloud Developer Professional — 22m

Exam — 1h 30m

Oracle Application Express Certification Prerequisite

  1. Basic of SQL
  2. Knowledge about Oracle Database / Database
  3. Understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Who Should Take the Oracle Application Express (APEX) Certificate Course?

  1. IT professional who want to gain knowledge about how to deploy and develop web application with Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  2. Developer who is keen to develop applications with Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  3. Database developer who wants to know to maintain and manage Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  4. Students who want to take a career path in Oracle Application Express (APEX)

After Completing Oracle Application Express (APEX) Training and Certificate, You will Learn

  1. A good understanding of Oracle Database and SQL Language
  2. You will be capable to create and modify database object
  3. Web application design and development ability using Oracle APEX
  4. APEX security and authentication understanding
  5. APEX application debugging ability
  6. APEX data manipulation and reporting knowledge
  7. You can integrate other Oracle products with APEX

Why Oracle Application Express (APEX) Certification Course?

  1. Increase job opportunities
  2. You can earn more salary than a non-certified professional 
  3. This course make you more knowledgeable and professional
  4. After this course, you can work more confidently
  5. This certificate will improve your career prospectively
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