Build an Event Management App with Low-Code (Oracle APEX)

Due to COVID-19, the digital transformation has become much more important part of almost every organization.

You have to be prepared for unplanned situations – when things have to be done faster.

In this Blog, you will find an App Demo, which is build using a Low-Code Plattform – called Oracle Application Express (APEX).

With this Plattform, it is possible to build responsive Webpages, which acts like a native APP. By default it is designed to run on any device – Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.

Some advantages to point out are:

  • Use it for free
  • Fully Responsive
  • Runs on any device, which has an Internet Browser
  • No Dev Tools are required, even the development works in a Browser
  • Rapid Application Development

Get your Apps done quickly & safety and provide it in the WWW.

Event Management App

Due to the circumstance of COVID-19, there was a need to be able to organize Events digitally.

I build an App which includes following functionalities:

  • Backend-Application
    • Create Events with the definition of
      • Maximum number of participants
      • Start / End Date
      • Define registration (time) deadline
    • Print the list of participants (PDF), to be signed from participants when event is being visited
  • Frontend-Application
    • Register for an active event
    • Verify or delete registration

Take a look at the demo

Backend Application

Frontend Application

To keep it simple, the frontend is accessible for all users. The uniqueness of a participants is the combination of last name, first name and the phone number. Of course the app can also be fully provided with an authenfitication mechanism (Username/Password)

enjoy IT 🙂

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